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Today is new comic book day, and a unknown horror is lurking among your favourite heroic do-gooders. What the hell is it you ask? I’ll tell you what hell it is! It’s Preggers! And it’s horrifying drama is played out in the pages of B-Movie Garbage #4 which hits select Calgary based stores today!

If you happen to be in the yyc, you can find B-Movie Garbage #4 at the following stores: Alpha Comics, Another Dimension, Redd Skull Comics, and Words and Pictures. A big thanks to all the stores willing to carry our bizarre little book, and an equally big thanks to anyone who picks it up. If you’re not in Calgary and want a copy, you can email us at or message us on social media, and we’ll happily ship you one (shipping fees will apply).

If you do come across Preggers in the wild, do show some caution because . . . She’s 16 . . . She’s mutated . . . And . . . She’s pregnant!

B-Movie Garbage #4 is written by Chad Colpitts (me), illustrated/lettered by Roberto Duque and features an illustrated intro by Cam Hayden.

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