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New FrankenSon And A New Look!

That’s right folks! The newest FrankenSon strip is officially up on this site, but that’s not all . . . We also have a new layout!

Thanks to the website wizard that is Bill Bateman, you can now navigate through all our strips by date. This should make it easier for new readers to start at the beginning, and for old readers to find their favourites. I’m personality very stoked about this change, and I think it looks very slick!

Also, a new feature worth mentioning for those that read via desktops . . . Is the super handy full screen option! This’ll make it possible to read the strips with more bubbles, and smaller lettering.

Finally, I just want to once again thank Jillian Dolan for her work on this series. I’m always excited to see what the next strip will look like, and I’m never disappointed. In fact this new one might just be my new favourite . . . At least for the time being.


Chad Colpitts

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