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New And Improved!

Hey there weirdo, thanks for taking a quick break from your porn addiction to visit our site. If you've visited this site before you probably left before it even had a chance to load, but that shouldn't be a problem from now on. Our site is new and improved and way faster than before, but speed isn't the only new feature. Our site has been completely overhauled. Now not only does it look slick and aesthetically pleasing, but it also has online comics! Booyah! Make sure to check them out, as well as everything else this site has to offer.

I would also like to give a big thanks to Bill Bateman for all the hard work he put into this site! He's responsible for everything from the formats to the cosmetics to the super cool animation, this site would blow chunks without his involvement and we truly appreciate it.

Note: FrankenSon has only 1 strip so far which is why the arrows do nothing. However, new strips will be added monthly, so keeping checking back.

Chad Colpitts

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