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Tongue In Cheek Comics is an independent publisher/printer and as such relies on the purchases from our readers. Click on the link to the left to subscribe to our Patreon account and support independent comics.

At Tongue in Cheek Comics, we plan to be the comic publisher you didn’t even know you wanted. All comics on this site will be independent and self-published. They will feature a variety of artistic talent as well as a variety of bizarre tales. 


Are you tired of super heroes always wearing gross tights and tacky capes? Maybe it’s time you read about a hero who wears nothing at all. Meet The Streaker! 

Faster than your average Caucasian, but slower than a African American, in the dark he glows to the touch he burns, if you see him keep eye contact, and don’t look down, for he is the butt naked hero known as . . . The Streaker!

Just another superhero here to save the world. Unfortunately for villains and citizens in need, he’s doing it without pants on. Not by choice though: he’s not one of those weirdos and he’s definitely not trying to make a statement. Nope, he’s just another man fallen victim to the incredibly cool incredibly fake side effects of radiation exposure. Now his skin burns everything he touches, his clothes burn off, he’s forced to be naked, and he glows in the dark.

However, that doesn’t mean he has to be a hero… does it? He can have a normal life, can’t he? Don’t ask me- I’m just the writer. Why don’t you read some issues and find out.


Because nothing is better than enjoying a really bad movie, we decided to give you a really bad book about really bad movies.


B-Movie Garbage is an anthology series that showcases the deranged, disturbing, and delightful world of B-grade cinema.

We will be working with different artists and writers to bring you gruesome original tales inspired by years of watching and surprisingly enjoying B-Movies. If you read them you are brave, and if you like them you are twisted. And one of us! Gooble, gobble!

Our first 3 part story, reveals what we believe and what possible is the origin of the Emo fad. With grotesquely great art by the terrifyingly talented Cam Hayden (Red Flag, Futility), this book is a must-read for cult horror fans. Read about these Emos if you dare, but remember... They scream for attention! You'll scream for your life!

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